Download PC with a portable device or iOS : Tubidy

There are many music videos on many platforms and you want to include them for your playlist.  Using Tubidy , you will easily receive them without a fight. Moreover, everyone is free.

The system is accessible, you can find the songs you want and download it to its top. The process is very fast, with a minute or less. Even if you want to listen to it, its large collection will be there to enjoy.

How to download

There are a few simple steps to follow to download Tubidy’s songs. The first part is your device and its storage capacity. The second part will be the search and download of the songs from the web.

1. Your device

If you’re using an Android device, you can easily download the song from a smartphone, tablet, and even an old phone. But you can also do the process from a PC. For iOS users, the process is a little different and you have to connect to iTunes first.

  • A list of the songs you want to make. So you don’t need another time to look for it. Especially if the title of the song is that of another singer or band. Find the full summary of that song so you don’t choose the wrong song.
  • Make sure Tubidy has enough capacity to save all downloaded songs. Or you can store them in your indoor warehouse. Or if you intend to make a music library, it will surely be better to have the SD card ready, as it can save more files than your inner storage.
  • Decide which format you prefer. The web gave him many possibilities. MP3 or MP4 formats have different file sizes to choose from.
  • You need the entrance of the boarding schools. Choose one with a stable connection. Thus, the download process will be fast.
  • Choose a browser. Tubidy can be accessed from any browser. You can use Chrome, Firefox or any other browser you want.

Tubidy website

Now that you’ve completed the preparation part, go to the Tubidy website to search for your songs. Here are the simple steps to follow:

  • Go to the official website of Tubidy.
  • On the main page you will see a search bar.
  • Type the song title in the search bar, then click the search icon.
  • The system will give you a list of songs of the same name. Choose what you are looking for.
  • If you want to download the song, click the download button.
  • Afterwards, they will have the opportunity. You can choose mp3 or MP4.
  • After that, the size of the catch you want to choose. File size of 64 kbp for MP3 up to 320 kbp. For MP4, the file size ranges from 144p to 1080p.
  • Click on the size of the file you want and click to download it.
  • Wait for systems to become armchairs.
  • Once done, lower the file to its top.

And that’s it. As simple as that, you can have your favorite song on your device. In your list you can repeat the process for another song.

Don’t worry, this website won’t limit you to the number of files you download. And they are all still free, guaranteed.

Download PC with a portable device or iOS

The main steps to follow remain the same if you use a PC or laptop. The modification will be replaced on the conservation destination. With a computer, the storage capacity will be even greater.

You can save the files to a music card or just any drive of your choice. If you later want to transfer those files to your mobile device, you can use a USB cable to do so. You plug the connector to its top and get those files.

IOS will be a little different for any device and you will need a computer with an iTunes program installed. I’m not going to sync it, so make sure your software is the latest and that it’s implemented correctly.

The download steps are the same for the aforementioned Android device. Put all the songs you’ve downloaded into your library. Then, check your own barbel in iTunes. There you see all the songs.

Tips for using tubes

There are some tips you can get using Tubidy. Everything is for your musical pleasure. Here’s the list:

1. URL connection

If you’ve watched a music video from a music platform and want to have it for your collection, don’t worry. Go copy the URL link of this music video (most of the time at the top of the page).

Then, go to the Tubidy website and copy the connection to the search bar on the main website. Click on search and follow all the simple steps as before. You can download and enjoy this video on your device.

2. Song Options

Tubidy has many songs. Especially in English, but also in many other languages of the world. Therefore, finding your favorite songs in Korean, Thai or Chinese or any other language will be easy.

If the title of the song is in the language, don’t worry. He has limited himself to writing the name of the singer or band. You can choose correctly in the list of songs that the system has given you. If you’re not sure, there’s nothing wrong with listening to all the songs on the list.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll find another song you like to download. For the song library or for the track list, right?

3. Additional information

The more information you provide in the search box, the easier the system will be. As there are many songs of the same name, the list they are going to give me will be quite long. You may not know them all.

Therefore, it writes other information into the system, not just the name of the song. Add the name of the singer or band. In this way, the system will be more precise in the possibility of serving you. You can add the year the song was made, if you wish.

Using Free Tubidy will be a pleasure to download MP3, MP4 and music videos and build a library of songs. It’s free, simple and fast. Making a song library or playlist will be easy without spending a dime. Go ahead!